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Pick 6 - Leaderboard for Week 8 and My Week 9 Picks

If you're not a part of Stampede Blue's Pick 6 challenge, what are you waiting for? Compete against Stampede Blue's writers and readers each week for fantasy football glory.

Frederick Breedon

You know how some people can talk the talk, but they can't walk the walk - I'm glad I'm not like that. That's right Pick 6ers - The Predictificationist backed up his talk and beat you all this week. I don't mean to brag (actually, I do) but it seems like there is actually someone here who knows what he's talking about... or maybe a blind squirrel found a nut. Time will tell. Let's see how it all went down shall we?

The top three performers this week were:

1) nickragsdale (that's me) - 76.6

2) rbrennan - 74.6

3) JPBarnett - 73.4

My winning roster included Peyton Manning, Vick Ballard, Demaryius Thomas, Jermichael Finley, Dan Bailey and Reggie Cobb. Some of you may notice that this roster is slightly different than the one I posted (which included Jordy Nelson and Dwayne Allen). Because of the injury to Nelson I decided to purchase Reggie Cobb and, with the money it saved, upgrade Dwayne Allen to Finley. I like to call it an audible.

The worst team of the week went to dave1251 who invested $86.75 into Jay Cutler, Jordy Nelson, Antonio Gates and David Akers and got only 11.2 points in return... Ouch.

So... who are the best players for Week 8? I'll get the conversation started by sharing my Week 8 picks:

QB Michael Vick ($28.00) - For the second straight week I'm taking the quarterback that gets to play against the Saints defense. Let this be a lesson to you.

RB Vick Ballard ($0.50) - At that price it's hard not to stick with Ballard for another week. I don't know how the carries will be divided but with his corkscrew dive into the endzone last week, I couldn't just let him go.

WR Demaryius Thomas ($40.75) - Thomas went up $6 this week.. but I'm staying with him. As long as Peyton Manning stays hot Thomas will be the one who benefits.

TE Heath Miller ($31.75) - I can make a good case for Dwayne Allen here, too. Looks like Coby Fleener is going to miss the game this week and he should benefit. I have a good feeling that Big Ben depends on Miller this week to beat the Giants.

K Adam Vinatieri ($8.00) - I think the Colts/Dolphins game is going to be a close one - a game that is probably decided by Vinatieri field goals.

WC Josh Gordon ($6.50) - It seems like this guy makes a big play every week. He's got the Ravens this week, so it won't be easy, but I think he has emerged as Brandon Weeden's favorite target.

So, those are my picks this week. Are you up to the challenge? Pick against me and I'll announce more winners next week!

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