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Colts Roster News: Dwight Freeney Is Practicing Again, Hide Your QBs

Take your favorite quarterback and hide him under the bed. Dwight Freeney is back!

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

We've had to handle some rough news this week.

When Monday morning starts off with a headline along the lines of "Your Favorite Team's Coach Has Leukemia," it doesn't really set the week in motion on a particularly cheery note. Now that all the information regarding Chuck Pagano's AMPL diagnosis and treatment is out there, we've had time to digest, process, accept, and move on. Bruce Arians is the now interim head coach-offensive coordinator until Pagano returns, and both the team and its fans have to start thinking about the rest of the season, starting with the Green Bay Packers this Sunday at 1:00 pm ET.

That said, it sure would be swell if someone could give us a little pick-me-up; something to get us excited or - dare I say - hopeful about the rest of the season. I mean, even I need some sunshine and roses in my life. Mom's basement gets cold and dreary during the Fall months, and I don't get much light down here. Can't someone help?

(Door swings open. Phil B. Wilson of the Indianapolis Star enters)

OK, I'll admit the supposed good news is tempered with an "unsure if he's ready for Sunday" tagline, but hot damn it's good to hear that Freeney even has a chance to play this Sunday!

The Colts outside linebacker has been out since he injured his ankle in the first quarter of Week One's loss to the Chicago Bears. While Freeney was in the game, the Colts new 3-4 hybrid defense looked very good. When he left with the ankle injury, the wheels came off.

More from Phil B:

Ah yes, another reminder of just how terrible the entire replacement refs experience was. Thank you NFL owners for being the greedy S.O.B.s that you are. I imagine that, somewhere, Jerry Jones is spooning Daniel Snyder while both are wrapped up in a blanket made entirely of money.

After you've washed that lovely image from your brain, please note that an even mildly healthy Dwight Freeney would be a HUGE boost to a Colts defense that has underwhelmed thus far in 2012.