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Colts Injury News: Vontae Davis, Pat Angerer And Others Ruled Out For Sunday Against Packers

Colts ILB Pat Angerer, LG Seth Olsen (knee), LG Joe Reitz (knee), CB Vontae Davis (ankle), CB Justin King (groin) ruled out for Sunday's game against the Packers.

Joe Robbins - Getty Images

The injury news provided by Phil B. Wilson a few days ago regarding Dwight Freeney was a little ray of sunrise in what has been an otherwise dreary week for Colts fans. Today, Phil B. gives us less sunshine, more injury news suckage:

2/3 of the nickel package corners are out, including the guy who was supposed to be Jim Irsay's new "shutdown corner." The trade for Vontae Davis is looking as if it is taking on "bust" proportions. I understand Davis is hurt, but we're talking about a guy who had serious character concerns in Miami. Laziness and an inability to focus were his M.O. It's kind of important that he get on the field and prove he isn't a waste of a roster spot.

The Colts corners look like a train wreck going into this game. All I can say is if you have Aaron Rodgers in fantasy, start him.

With both Olson and Reitz out, it kind of makes you wonder why Ryan Grigson cut Trai Essex two weeks after signing him. Essex played OK, especially for a guy signed off the street. Now, Jeff Linkenbach is the starting left guard, and the last time the Colts tried little experiment, they lost 36-14 to the Chargers in 2010. Peyton Manning was sacked twice and threw 4 picks in that game because he was running for his life.

Oh, and if Samson Satele can't go, we get to see an interior offensive line of Linckenbach, Shipley, and Mike McGlynn. Somebody shoot me.

It's amazing how injured the Colts still are after the bye week. Kind of makes you wonder what the training staff gets paid for. Can you tell I'm more than a little ticked off?