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Let's Hangout And Talk Week 5 Fantasy Football LIVE With SB Nation

Week 5 preview and fantasy football advice preview show, brought to you by Google Hangout.

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If my screaming has your seeing red because your hangover is kicking the sh*t out of your neural connectors, my recommendation is a good Bloody Mary. I prefer mine with chopped olives and...

wait for it...

pickle juice!

Yes, pickle juice, chopped olives, tomato juice, and vodka. Love it. Add Worcestershire sauce for an extra kick.

While you are sipping that Bloody Mary, let's hangout!

This week's NFL preview and fantasy football hangout features me, Brad Newberg is, David Fucillo of Niners Nation (49ers), Jordan Ranaan of Bleeding Green Nation (Eagles) Chris Gates of Daily Norseman (Vikings) Michael Bean of SBN Studios, and Neal Coolng of Behind The Steel Curtain (Steelers).

Show starts at 10:00 am ET. Watch is LIVE below: