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Reggie Wayne Schools Charles Woodson & The Packers Secondary, And Other Sunday Colts GIFs

A GIF recap of Sunday's awesome win.

Andy Lyons - Getty Images

Why watch video (which is probably blocked at your place of employment because your bosses are mind-controlling, soul-crushing Nazis) when you can giggle at funny GIFs!

SB Nation employs people to take video footage and transform it into a quick .GIF file, allowing you to watch, and then re-watch, and then re-watch, and then re-watch, and then re-watch, and then re-watch, again and again and... you get it.

Here are Sunday's GIFs from the Colts amazing 30-27 comeback win over the Packers.

Here's the play that Andrew Luck describes as "a good pop":


Andrew Lucks shrugs off pressure from Clay Matthews, completes a key third down:


One of Reggie Wayne's many circus catches, schooling Charles Woodson, who got away with numerous holds all game long:


This one if for the ages. When they put Reggie in Canton, they'll play this clip:


Maybe this one too:


Yeah, Reggie's kind of good, and it's always fun to see Charles Woodson get schooled (even though he's a great player in his own right).

Go Colts