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2012 NFL Winning Stats Predictor: Game Picks Week 11

The winning just keeps on coming with the Winning Stats Predictor, although it took a bit of a hiccup last week. Who has the best chance of winning this week, and what about the Colts against the Patriots?

Mike Ehrmann

As the early game were playing out, I thought last week was going to be a disaster for the Winning Stats Predictor, as I missed the first four games on the list for the weekend, but came back strong 8-1-1 to finish 8-5-1 (thanks David Akers), bringing our season record to 86-59-1 (I'm dropping the 1 after this week). Against the Spread fell off a bit, going 6-8 after losing the two prime-time games, bringing our season record there to 66-77-3. Lots of work to do.

This week we have another mismatch in Houston when the Jaguars come in to be sacrificial lambs to Arian Foster, and there are 5 other games that are over 60%, including the Patriots over the Colts at 63.4%. Better than most people would have given them at the start of the season.

Here are your Predictor picks for Week 11:

Home Score Away Score Probability
Bills 27 Dolphins 24 58.4%
Falcons 24 Cardinals 21 58.7%
Cowboys 27 Browns 20 68.7%
Lions 26 Packers 29 57.5%
Chiefs 19 Bengals 23 61.9%
Rams 28 Jets 21 66.9%
Patriots 32 Colts 27 63.4%
Redskins 26 Eagles 25 51.4%
Panthers 24 Buccaneers 26 54.5%
Texans 27 Jaguars 13 83.3%
Raiders 26 Saints 28 53.9%
Broncos 30 Chargers 22 69.1%
Steelers 25 Ravens 23 53.5%
49ers 17 Bears 19 54.8%

It was another week of losing ground in the SuperContest, going 2-3. I'd really like a week at 5-0, but it is way harder than I ever thought. Season record now at 20-28-2. Here are my five picks:

  • Bills -1.5 vs. Dolphins (Predictor is 8-1 picking Dolphins games this year)
  • Cardinals +9.5 at Falcons
  • Raiders +4.5 vs. Saints
  • Colts +9.5 at Patriots
  • Lions +3 vs. Packers