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Colts Re-Sign TE Dominque Jones, Still Very Thin At WR And CB

The Colts have brought back the first-year tight end for reasons that don't seem to make much sense.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

This is one of those roster moves that just has me scratching my head.

Despite the Colts being close to desperately thin at both the wide receiver and cornerback positions, the team announced Wednesday that they have brought back tight end Dominique Jones. Jones was released by Inday on October 12th and eventually signed with the Miami Dolphins as a practice squad player. The Dolphins released Jones on Monday. Now, he's back on Indy's 53-man roster.

This is an odd move because TE is not a position of need. The Colts just released Kyle Miller, but they also have they have Coby Fleener, Dwayne Allen, and Weslye Saunders on the roster. They also promoted running back Alvester Alexander from the practice squad even though Vick Ballard, Donald Brown, and Delone Carter are all expected to play Sunday against the Buffalo Bills.

The Colts also have a fullback on their roster, Robert Hughes, even though their offense doesn't even utilize a traditional fullback.

Signing Jones suggests Fleener is not going to play Sunday. This would make four weeks straight of him sitting out after sustaining a shoulder injury. At his press conference on Wednesday, Bruce Arians said both Fleener and cornerback Vontae Davis will be limited in practice all week.

If Davis cannot play, this means the Colts are entering their game against the Buffalo Bills with only four corners. If wide receiver Donnie Avery does not play Sunday because of a concussion, they'll also have only four receivers with three of those four being rookies.

If tight end is so necessary, why cut Miller? If Miller was terrible, then why not cut him and bring back Jones? What does adding RB Alvester Alexander do for this team? And why the hell is Robert Hughes still on the 53?

Four tights ends and five running backs, but only four wideouts and four corners? Makes no sense.

Bruce Arians and Ryan Grigson better hope a wideout or a corner does not get hurt in the game against Buffalo. If one does, and should the Colts lose at home to the Bills, the wheels might start coming off this team after such a promising start. Sunday's game is one in which the Colts simply must win, and it's not like their corner play, in particular, has been stellar of late.

[UPDATE]: OK, this is a crew-up on my part, and it's because I got confused on how many roster spots were opened after the Colts activated Justin Anderson on Monday and then cut him a day later. Alvester Alexander was simply waived from the practice squad, not promoted. He's no longer part of the Colts organization. Justin Anderson's release opened one spot on the Colts roster. That spot has now been filled by the return of Dominique Jones. Sorry for the confusion. I still think this team needs to address depth at WR and CB, but at least it isn't as bad as I initially thought. Happy turkey day! As you can see, I've already started drinking. -Brad