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2012 NFL Winning Stats Predictor: Game Picks Week 12

You've been waiting all year for a "lock of the year" candidate, and I think Week 12 brings that opportunity. Which game is a virtual lock to bet on? Let's find out in our weekly Winning Stats Predictor picks.

Jared Wickerham

Last week the Winning Stats Predictor was working tremendously going into Sunday night, posting an 11-1 record (stupid Rams), but fell off the wagon in the two prime-time games, making it still a very good 11-3 week, improving the Win-Loss record to 97-62 (61%). It looks like this should be another good week, as there's only four games under 55%.

Like routine it was another 7-7 week Against the Spread, as I can't seem to get out of the 50% rut. It brings the season total to 73-84-3. This week however we have a perfect storm of goodness, leading to my "lock of the year" distinction. The Predictor has been extremely good predicting Dolphin games, picking correctly ATS 9 out of 10 games, so we have that going for us. On top of that, the Predictor has the Seahawks winning by 14 points, well over the 3 point spread, which means if you make one bet this season, hold your nose and place your money on the team led by Pete Carroll, that happens to have a stud former Biletnikoff Award winner catching replacement-ref TDs for them.

Here are your Winning Stats Predictor picks for Week 12:

Home Score Away Score Probability
Lions 25 Texans 28 58.6%
Cowboys 27 Redskins 25 53.4%
Jets 22 Patriots 26 62.4%
Bears 21 Vikings 17 59.6%
Bengals 28 Raiders 20 69.7%
Browns 20 Steelers 22 56.0%
Colts 26 Bills 30 59.3%
Chiefs 13 Broncos 27 82.5%
Dolphins 13 Seahawks 27 83.1%
Buccaneers 26 Falcons 25 51.7%
Jaguars 19 Titans 24 61.9%
Chargers 24 Ravens 23 53.0%
Cardinals 20 Rams 18 53.8%
Saints 25 49ers 29 60.7%
Giants 18 Packers 24 67.0%
Eagles 18 Panthers 27 72.8%

SuperContest picks were 2-3 last week, although that Lions beat was pretty brutal. Sometimes you play the correct side and lose. Oh well. Season record 22-31-2.

  • Seattle -3 at Dolphins
  • Packers +3 at Giants
  • Redskins +3.5 at Cowboys
  • Jets +7 vs. Patriots
  • Rams +2.5 at Cardinals