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Happy Thanksgiving NFL Football- Open Thread

The Stampede Blue crew is stuffing their faces right now. While we do that, you can jump in here and yap about the three football games going on today.

Kevin C. Cox

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, especially to those of you out there who, like me, are vegetarian and have to deal with family cooking you green beans soaked in bacon grease and presenting it to you with a "See! We cooked something just for you!" smile on their face.

Yes, while bacon is delicious (and the only meat I miss after six years of being veggie), it's not something we silly vegetarian types can eat. Pass the stuffing. Pass the cranberries. Pass the mashed potatoes, no gravy please. More importantly, pass the wine!

No tofurkey, please. That stuff freaks me out.

While you are stuffing your faces, remember that we have three football games going on today. Please use this open thread as your chit-chat central for all three games, which include:

Houston Texans at Detroit Lions- 12:30 PM ET (CBS)

Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys- 4:25 PM ET (FOX)

New England Patriots at New York Jets- 8:20 PM ET (NBC)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy the day and be safe.