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Colts Promote Safety Delano Howell While OG Seth Olsen Returns To Practice From IR

The Colts have seemingly finalized their 53-man roster for Week 13 against the Lions.


Welcome back, Seth Olsen!

Olsen was placed on injured reserve back on October 9th, but (for reasons that I still cannot understand) he was designated for return via the new rules pertaining to the injured reserve list. Now, he is able to return to practice, but the Colts have three weeks before they are required to add him to the active 53-man roster.

Obviously, I have nothing personal against Olsen. Never met the guy. I'm sure he's a cool dude with a great mind and, maybe like me, he secretly thinks that The Dark Knight Rises was a completely terrible P.O.S. flick. We could be long lost blood brothers, for all I know.

However, what I do know is that, when Olsen was playing and starting at guard for the Colts earlier this season, he was quite terrible. Andrew Luck was routinely running for his life, taking shots left and right. Mostly left because Olsen played left guard.

Now, Joe Reitz has returned while utility lineman Jeff Linkenbach has really developed into a decent guard. Thus, why bring Olsen back? Is it just for depth? If you wanted that, then just re-sign Trei Essex, who played slightly better than Olsen earlier this year.

Yeah, it's a minor roster decision to quibble over because, all season long, the Colts front office has done a great job managing the players. Still, to quote the Bard, "I am nothing, if not critical."

Yes, Shakespeare quotes and DKR ripping do indeed color your Colts roster updates this AM. Next up, Gary Oldman will play the part of Ryan Grigson in the movie retelling of the Colts 2012 regular season.

In other Colts roster news, safety Delano Howell was promoted from the practice squad to the active 53. With this move, and with the signing of nose tackle Kellen Heard last night, the Colts roster is set. This means no Jason Babin, kids. Sorry.

Howell went undrafted in 2012, and he is a former college teammate of Andrew Luck, Coby Fleener, and Griff Whalen at Stanford. He saw action in one game this year for the Bills.