Can we please put the Jake Long love affair to rest?

Week in and week out, retooling the offensive line has been one of the more common themes among us 'armchair' GMs on this site. Jake Long's name has been commonly mentioned as a potential free agent signing. Presumably, Long would slide in at left tackle and then Castonzo would slide over to the right side. Now, 74 is among my favorite Colts right now, so I'm clearly biased....but Long was eaten alive today. I understand that Freeney, at one point, did that to the best in the game. But this isn't that Freeney and I'm not impressed with Long after today. I doubt he would be a significant improvement over Castonzo, if at all. A proven G and RT would cost about the same money as Long who will want Elite money. In all honesty, I'd rather spend our first rounder on someone like Jake Matthews out of A&M or Barrett Jones out of Alabama (I think Star Lotulelei is a beast, but I don't want to spend a 1 on a NT when we have yet to see Chapman play). We could spend some of our cap space on veteran skill players that can make an immediate impact. DRC, Connor Barwin, Stevie Brown, and Andy Levitre come to mind....

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