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Referee Tony Corrente Had Bad Day, Cursed At Another Ref During Colts V. Dolphins

Tony Corrente will probably be fined for his microphone screw-up Sunday.


Personally, I don't think Tony Corrente and his officiating crew were particularly sharp during Sunday Colts v. Dolphins game. Some calls had me scratching my head (a phantom offensive pass interference on 3rd and 6 from the 41 with 4:28 left in the first half; illegal contact on Cassius Vaughn early in the second quarter when it was clearly offensive interference on Jabar Gaffney). Other times, it looked like Corrente and his crew simply weren't on the same page.

Clearly, with 5:22 left in the fourth quarter, they weren't, and frustration boiled over for Corrente.

After a play were it seemed to take forever for the refs to figure out where to spot the ball, one referee sprinted over to Corrente to discuss the spot. Corrente didn't know that his stadium microphone was still on, and the results were pure entertainment.

Corrente responded to his colleague with, "IT WAS GODDAMNIT!" His words echoed loudly throughout Lucas Oil Stadium, and into the TV sets of millions. Corrente's face after realizing his words were heard by everyone is priceless. CBS announcer Kevin Harlan had to apologize on-air after Corrente's "GODDAMNIT!" was heard by the virgin ears everywhere.

Normally, I have simply for refs, especially after the debacle that was the replacement referee fiasco imposed on us by the jerkhead owner contingent, led by the Jerry Richardsons of the NFL. However, in Corrente's case, no sympathy. He called a bad game, and the microphone screw-up was justice.