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Chuck Pagano's Cancer Is Officially In Remission

Today, via the Indianapolis Star, doctors have revealed that Chuck Pagano's cancer is now in remission!

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Unless your name is Voldemort, you likely had to hold back tears after watching Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano's post-game speech to his team following their came back win over the Miami Dolphins 23-20 on Sunday.

The "I got circumstances" line tugged my heart strings, and when coach took off his cap to reveal his near bald head (likely a result of chemotherapy treatments for his leukemia) it was an emotional moment.

Coach was able to attend Sunday's game, and spoke with the team both prior to and after the victory.

Pagano had been away from the team since late-September, early-October, when he was diagnosed with acute promyelocytic leukemia, a treatable cancer, but one whose treatment is taxing on the patient both mentally and physically. Pagano was forced to take a leave of absence while undergoing treatments, with Bruce Arians assuming interim head coach responsibilities.

Today, via the Indianapolis Star, doctors have revealed that Pagano's cancer is now in remission!

Lest his appearance at Sunday’s game wasn’t proof enough, Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano has so far passed the standard test that cancer doctors administer to leukemia patients with flying colors, his doctors say.

In fact, in medical-speak Pagano can now be considered in remission, said his oncologist Dr. Larry Cripe, an associate professor of medicine at the IU Health Simon Cancer Center.

Now, this does not mean Pagano has been cured. Per Dr. Larry Cripe of IU Health Simon Cancer Center, the leukemia can recur if a patient receives only one round of chemotherapy treatment, which is what Pagano has already gone through. Three rounds, and then continuing treatments over a two-year period, are required to cure a patient.

That said, to have the cancer in remission now is a big step forward for Pagano. More the winning Sunday's game, this is the best news any of us could have asked for.