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Pick 6 - Week 9 Results And My Week 10 Picks

If you haven't played Pick 6 - what are you waiting for? Compete against Stampede Blue's readers and writers each week for Fantasy Football Glory. Who knows, you may even beat me (unlikely).

Ezra Shaw

Well... it was fun while it lasted. Just a week after being the champion of Stampede Blue's Pick 6 I found myself back near the bottom. What went wrong?

It turns out that my bold statement of taking any quarterback that played the Saints defense was wrong... at least when that quarterback in Michael Vick. Peyton Manning seemed to rely on Eric Decker more than Demaryius Thomas this week... and that was bad for me, too. Looking back, I invested far too much money in Heath Miller last week - what was I thinking? Oh well.

The top three performers of the week:

1) JLOwings - 106.3

2) boilerbasstres - 91.6

3) Luck on my side - 88.3

JLOwings made the pick of the week investing in Tampa Bay running back Doug Martin who scored 51.2 points. Josh Freeman, Owen Daniels and Matt Forte also put up solid weeks to give him the #1 spot.

The worst team of the week belonged to KSutherland (is that you, Kiefer?) whose roster included Josh Scobee, Jonathan Stewart and Titus Young - and they scored a combined 7.7 points. Ouch.

So it's on to Week 10... I'll show you mine if you show me yours. I vow to improve my lackluster performance last week. Here are the players I'm counting on to help me do it:

QB Matt Ryan ($54.50) - Yeah, I know... this makes three straight weeks I've depended on the quarterback that is playing against the Saints defense. C'mon, can you blame me? This should be a favorable match-up and Julio Jones and Roddy White are playing out of their minds.

RB Vick Ballard ($0.50) - Another week of Vick Ballard... he's the best investment right now at the RB position at only fifty cents! Donald Brown should probably be kept out this week as a precaution and Ballard should get a majority of the carries.... at least that's my hope.

WR Brandon Marshall ($41.50) - I own Marshall in several of my fantasy football leagues and I don't regret it for a second. You know Jay Cutler isn't afraid to force the football - and usually it is in Marshall's way. Big matchup against the Texans and Cutler will look his way often.

TE Dwayne Allen ($0.50) - Another Colts value pick here. Coby Fleener will miss another game this week with a shoulder injury and Allen should be a prime target for Luck. Hoping he gets a touchdown this week... be awhile.

K Rian Lindell ($1.00) - One thing is for sure - when the Bills and Patriots get together there are going to be a lot of points scored. That's all you can ask for when picking a kicker - an opportunity to score a lot of points, even if they're extra points.

WC Mikel Leshoure ($21.50) - I may be a week late on this one but he scored three touchdowns last week. He seems to be the goal line option for the Lions and I'm hoping that continues this week against the Vikings.

So, those are my picks for the week. Are you up to the challenge? Think you can do better? Pick against me and I'll post the winners next week. You can get started here.