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Andrew Luck Gets Trucked, And Other GIFTastic Moments From Colts Victory Over Jaguars

Andrew Luck and Dawan Landry try and truck each other.

Mike Ehrmann

Let's go back to Week Five, shall we?

Back on October 7th, Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III was blasted by two Falcons defenders as he opted not to go out-of-bounds and, instead, tried to run for extra yards along the sideline. Here's a handy-dandy GIF to jog your memory (and probably Griffin's as well):


As you can see, the linebacker unloaded his shoulder in RG3's head. This forced the former Heisman trophy winners' head to snap back and knock into the helmet of the defensive lineman falling down behind him.

Griffin sustained a concussion on the play and left the field. The Redskins called it a "rib injury" at the time. Griffin played the next week. More than a few people still feel Griffin should not have played one week after suffering his second concussion in one year.

The Redskins were fined for failing to divulge that Griffin had indeed sustained a concussion.

Fast forward to last night. Here's Andrew Luck, running for sideline late in the fourth quarter against the Jaguars:

The big difference between both hits is:

  • Luck is already into his slide when safety Dawan Landry tries to truck him with his right forearm. That's why this play got a yellow flag, and it's why Landry will certainly be fined for the dirty hit.
  • Luck's head never bounces off the turf, or off another player's helmet.

As a result, Luck, hopped back up and was not concussed. The Colts went on to win 27-10, moving to 6-3. As of this writing, the Colts have the second best record in the AFC behind their division rivals, the 7-1 Houston Texans.

Personally, I think Dawan Landry was getting back at Luck for this hit earlier in the game after an INT:


Bruce Arians acknowledged that Luck's tackle there might have had some revenge factor in it. It was Landry who picked off Luck in the second quarter, and it was on the run back above that Luck made a beeline for Landry.

Arians after the game:

"I was afraid [Luck] was going to try and take [Landry's] head off. He gets ticked off when he throws those interceptions. I’ll be honest with you."

Still, despite the rough play by both players, both Luck and Landry were photographed shaking hands near the end of the game.