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GIFtastic! Let's Look At Robert Mathis Dancing Like a Wild Man

Week 14's GIFtastic features a fan flipping the bird to CBS and Robert Mathis doing high kicks.

Welcome to GIFtastic for NFL Week 14!

This week, the fine folks at SB Nation's GIF Department (aka, Clay Wendler) was able to make for us a few special GIFs. Some are a bit more serious, breaking down key plays. Others are the kind of goofy silliness that can only come when a 250 pound linebacker does high kicks during a locker room celebration.


First GIF is the Colts touchdown with 4:11 left in the first quarter:

Our second GIF is is our salute to the fan who "saluting Titans kicker Rob Bironas and CBS Sports:

GIF No. 3 is Andrew Luck's awful pick. Yes, he is down before he releases the ball. It's not just a blown call by the refs on the field, but the replay officials were completely clueless here. No excuse. Incompetently blown call.

That said, Luck should never have thrown it:


GIF No. 3 features Cassius Vaughn's game-changing pick 6 with 5:40 left in the third quarter:


GIF No. 4 features Darius Butler's key fourth quarter pick on Jake Locker:

And finally, GIF No. 5, or, as I like to call it, CRAZY SAUCE!

The Colts would go on to ice the game with two big Vick Ballard runs, and a key 11-yard completion from Luck to Dwayne Allen. After the game, Colts players, like Robert Mathis, celebrated like the kooky kids they are: