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Indianapolis Colts Sign Robert Griffin To Their Practice Squad... Seriously

Colts sign a 330 lbs offensive lineman that shares same name, and went to the same school, as rookie phenom Robert Griffin III of the Redskins.


Yes, you read the title correctly. The Indianapolis Colts signed former Baylor standout Robert Griffin to their practice squad. Clearly, this is the strongest indicator out there that Robert Griffin is an inferior quarterback to current Colts starter Andrew Luck. Like Luck, Griffin is a rookie.

Oh, and Griffin plays guard. Don't know if I mentioned that in the paragraph above.

The newest addition to the Colts jog squad is a 330 lbs offensive lineman who, hilariously, used to block for the infinitely more famous Robert Griffin III when both played at Baylor University. The lineman Griffin was drafted in the 6th round, pick 203 overall, by the New York Jets this year, but was released on August 31st.

Since the Griffin in DC is nicknamed RG3, Stampede Blue Twitter follower @DThrush (David Thrush of Wabash, IN) has decreed that our Griffin shall be nicknamed RG330.

Welcome to the team, RG330. Just like RG3, we think that you should lose out on the 2012 NFL Rookie of the Year award to Andrew Luck. We also think Luck is a better QB than both Griffins, though we concede that RG3 probably throws a better ball than RG330. Carry on.

NOTE: The dude in the attached photo, that's not who the Colts signed. I just couldn't find a picture of RG330 we had rights to use. Sorry. - Brad

[UPDATE]: While we are sure Mr. David Thrush is a clever Colts fan, we have been informed that he was not the first to coin the nickname "RG330" for newly signed Colts offensive guard Robert Griffin. The man who deserves credit for "RG330" is LA Times super writer Sam Farmer.

Thanks to Sam Farmer for coining the "RG330" nickname and thanks to David Thrush for being an awesome Colts fan.