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Andrew Luck Could (Should) Be Headed to Honolulu

With the Pro Bowl fan voting still coming in, Andrew Luck is getting more votes than any other AFC quarterback not named Peyton Manning or Tom Brady.

That-a-boy, Andy!
That-a-boy, Andy!

Every year, fans cast their votes for their favorite players from around the league, often thinking with their heart instead of their head. However, despite the obvious "homerism" that takes place in the fan portion of Pro Bowl voting, the fans can get it right.

With three weeks left in the regular season and fan voting soon coming to a close, the destiny of Pro Bowl hopefuls will fall in the hands of their NFL colleagues.

From day one, Robert Griffin III has been the more popular and "sexy" choice for NFL fans. He's got that "swagger" (can't believe I just said that), and it shines through in the form of ridiculous jersey sales, Subway commercials, big plays and somewhat weird Redskins fans shouting, "HAIL TO RG3!"

Don't hurt me, Hogettes.

So it's no surprise that Pro Bowl voting appears to be following its usual trend of popularity first, as RG3 continues to be incredibly well-liked, but also, well, pretty good at football.

Out of every Pro Bowl candidate receiving votes, RG3 has managed to get the eighth-most votes. That's kind of impressive considering he's a rookie on a 7-6 team, but then you remember that it's the Pro Bowl.

As for the top vote-getter, you probably already guessed it. Yup, it's Colts legend Peyton Manning. No surprise there. Coming in at second? Yup, it's Colts nemesis Tom Brady. No surprise there, either.

But at third among AFC quarterbacks, the fans are clinging to some dude named Andy Luck who has received 318,128 votes. I think he plays quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts and has led six fourth-quarter comebacks, but I'm not sure.

If the fan vote is any hint to the NFL's perception of these two incredible rookies, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III will be heading to Honolulu when all is said and done, and rightfully so.

So, if you haven't already, fill out a few Pro Bowl ballots for Luck and don't forget about Mr. Reggie Wayne or Jerrell Freeman, either. They've earned it.