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What I Learned from Week 15

Here are 5 things I think I learned watching the Week 15 games.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

I didn't get to watch a lot of football this week, but the Colts game, highlights and results taught me some things. While most of these do apply to the Colts game, I saw them in other games this week to, especially the Sunday night game.

  1. The NFL needs to add helmet to helmet contact to the review-able plays list. The penalties are very steep, as they should be, but the plays happen to fast to know for sure what happened. On at least 3 plays during the football I watched yesterday, the offense was awarded a 1st down on a 3rd down stop by the defense for something I would NOT consider helmet to helmet. You can see if the helmets make contact on each and every replay. Give the coach a chance to challenge.
  2. Andrew Luck must win the rookie of the year this season. While Luck didn't do enough to win this game, he has done it how many times this year. RG III is a great player but the Redskins won this week without him. That hurts any case that people would make for him. Kurt Cousins came in and led the Redskins to the win. Could Drew Stanton could do the same with the Colts roster? I think that proves, beyond doubt, that Luck is more deserving of the award.
  3. The NFL needs to watch more carefully the cut blocks on engaged linemen. On Arian Foster's long run in the second half, the hole was opened by an illegal block combination. I saw the same thing at least two more times both in-game and during highlights. If the rule is still in the rulebook, it needs to be enforced. While the competition committee looks and new rule changes and possible expansion of the playoffs, the low block issue will be the most critical one discussed this off-season.
  4. Vince Wilfork and J.J. Watt are the most unblockable defenders in the NFL. I few years ago I would have added Dwight Freeney to that list, but not anymore. Any offensive line scheme that doesn't plan on accounting for these guys with extra players is bound to fail. Even when the guard "wins" the battle, it can easily tun into a loss. Unbelievable.
  5. Throw first QBs who have the ability to run (ie. Griffin, Luck, Kapernick) will change the way football is played the way Manning, Brady and Manning changed the game a few years back. When Peyton revolutionized offensive football with the "muddle-huddle" and winning by outsmarting the defense, the other QBs that could do it, did. The same is happening with the first-year starters for this year. I see it changing football the way the "Brain Gang" did.

Those are my thoughts for this week. What are yours? Who you got for most dominating defender? How will the NFL change in the three years?