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No, With The Jets Loss On MNF, The Colts Have Not Clinched A Playoff Spot... Yet

The Jets losing on Monday Night Football helped the Colts and their playoff chances, but it did not clinch a post-season berth.

Bob Levey

The Colts aren't in the playoffs. Not yet.

Yes, the Jets 14-10 loss to the Titans on Monday Night Football certainly helped Indy's cause. The mind-numbly boring game eliminated New York from post-season contention. The Jets had beaten the Colts earlier this season, and had NY won out with the Indy losing out, it would have been the Jets in the playoffs over the Colts.

Thankfully, the Titans ended that threat. I think I speak for most of the NFL when I say a Jets playoff appearance might have set football back 50 years, or so.

Back to the Colts, to make the playoffs, they just need to beat the crappy Chiefs in Arrowhead on Sunday. It won't be an easy game because A) the Chiefs are semi-decent at home, and B) the Colts aren't to good on the road.

Should the Colts lose, they can still clinch a spot next week if the Steelers lose or tie at home against the Bengals. If the Steelers win, then things get nutty.

The Ravens have already clinched a playoff spot, but not the AFC North division.

Personally, I think of it this way: If the Colts don't beat the Chiefs, I almost don't want them in the post-season. You don't deserve to be there if you can't beat a team that is considering starting Ricky Stanzi at QB.

So, make it simple, Colts. Win, and get in.