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The Colts Have A 99.991% Chance Of Making The Playoffs

Yep, it looks fairly likely that the Colts will participate in the 2012 NFL playoffs.


As was made clear earlier this week, the Jets crapping the bed against the Titans on Monday Night Football did not clinch a playoff spot for the Colts in 2012. Our our own numbers Einstein, Mr. Matt Grecco, pulled out his abacus (Ay oh!) this week and crunched some numbers.

Here's what he found:

There will be a quiz on all this at 2 PM EST. Bring a No. 2 pencil.

Bottom line: If the Colts miss the playoffs, run out an buy a lottery ticket, 'cuz some crazy sh*t be happenin'!

Editor's Note: See this updated post that makes a few slight changes to the Colts clinching a Playoff spot. It is a slightly worse scenario (by .11%)