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Report: Chuck Pagano Expected Back At Work For Colts On Monday

Colts head coach Chuck Pagano is coming back work!


We have a debate going over here as to whether or not Chuck Pagano or Bruce Arians should coach the Colts into the post-season, should they get there. That debate is for fun.

In the real world, Chuck Pagano is coming back work!

Here's the Indianapolis Star's Mike Chappell with the details:

Nothing’s official, and probably won’t be until sometime Monday morning.

But I’m expecting Chuck Pagano to be back in the building early Monday, back to doing what he loves doing. And that would be coaching the Indianapolis Colts.

Pagano has endured three rounds of chemotherapy and remains in remission after being diagnosed with leukemia Sept. 26. He has spent the past three weeks regaining his strength and stamina. He’s probably been fighting his doctors and own urges to return before next week.

But return he will.

The Colts have maintain for months that the target date for Pagano's return (to either the coaching sideline or the booth upstairs) is Week 17 against the Texans. Should he return on Monday, as Chappell expects, that would be the first day of preparation for that Week 17 game.

Regardless of whether or not Pagano's return helps or hurts the Colts, it's important that he does indeed come back to coach this year. It's a truly wonderful story, and it would act as a reminder of hope for many other patients out there who are fighting their own battles with cancer.