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2012 SB Nation NFL Awards: Bruce Arians For Coach Of the Year

SB Nation's bloggers vote on the NFL MVP, Coach of the Year, and more.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Guess what?

We've got another one of our stirring Gillette "No Debate" posts, and this one is asking, "Who is this year's offensive MVP?" You can vote over on their Facebook page.

I think the answer with us is some kid named "Luck," but if you think Reggie Wayne is more of the offensive MVP, I guess I could see that. Maybe.

For something a little more Colts-centered, SB Nation recently conducted a poll with 28 of its bloggers (myself included), and we all voted on the following categories:


Offensive Player of the Year

Defensive Player of the Year

Comeback Player of the Year

Coach of the Year

Executive of the Year

Rookie of the Year

Unfortunately, Andrew Luck did not win Rookie of the Year and Ryan Grigson did not win Executive of the Year.

Yes, I know. SB Nation's bloggers are dumb. They also hate god, kick baby rabbits for fun, and secretly worship the a false idol of Daniel Snyder's head.

However, even though they were WRONG about the RotY and EotY awards, they did get Coach of the Year right. It went to interim coach of the Colts Bruce Arians.

My favorite quote from the bloggers came from Jason Brewer at Bleeding Green Nation:

This guy wasn't even supposed to be the head coach, but Chuck Pagano's cancer thrust him into that role and all he's done is guide the worst team in the NFL last year to playoff spot this season.

The voting results were as such: Bruce Arians (11), Pete Carroll (5), Jim Harbaugh (2), Gary Kubiak (2), John Fox (2), Leslie Frazier (2), Mike Shanahan (1), Mike Smith (1)

So, did the bloggers get it right? I say, yes. Then again, I'm biased (and I don't worship false idols, kick rabbits, or hate god, or root for the Raiders).