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Housecleaning: There Is Another SB Nation Re-Design Coming

SB Nation has another planned site re-design coming down the pike.

Greetings and happy new year to all of you lovely people out there. I hope your December holidays were fun, somewhat-relaxing, and that you got a chance to partake of of well-cooked holiday food. For us Colts fans, December has been good to us, so far.

  • Our team is in the playoffs
  • Our head coach is back
  • Our interim head coach seems likely to win Coach of the Year
  • Reggie Wayne and Robert Mathis got elected to the Pro Bowl

All-in-all, not to shabby.

Looking ahead, it seems SB Nation has another planned site re-design coming down the pike. These latest improvements are, according to SB Nation's Chris Haines, as result of SB Nation having "collected as much feedback around the new design of SB Nation as we could, and grouped it together into major themes."

Here is an example of how a blog will look after the re-design (Mile High Report is the sample blog):


Feel free to GO HERE to submit your feedback on the proposed new site designs.

Obviously, I'm aware many of you had strong opinions about the "SB Nation United" design changes that happened in October. Personally, I agreed with most of what many of you wrote. So did a ton of other people. Let me and the other editors know what you think of these new-new changes.

Here's Haines discussing the changes:

Among the feedback topics provided by frequent SB Nation visitors, we hear most often that: The community features, and specifically Fanposts, are losing traction due to the placement of these features in the redesign; and The homepage has become to harder to scan quickly for the latest updates to posts, fanposts, fanshots and comments. There are certainly other areas where we can improve and address further feedback, but we focused on these two major areas and are responding with some significant changes to blog home pages, that will be released in early January.

GO HERE to submit your feedback on the re-design, or comment below. As always, thanks for reading.