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2012 NFL Winning Stats Predictor: Game Picks Week 17

Time for your weekly picks from the Winning Stats Predictor. Use at your own risk...

Peter Aiken

We've come to the conclusion of the 2012 NFL Season, and just when the Predictor finally started firing on all cylinders. When I first started this venture four years ago, I imagined weeks like last week being the norm, rather than the exception, and some day I hope it comes true. For now, I'm going to enjoy a really good week, and some cash in hand. Last week the Predictor was 14-2 picking games, only missing the Vikings and Ravens, the best week of the entire season.

The Predictor was also an impressive 10-6 Against the Spread, a rare winning week, which brings that total up to 110-125-5. I just need to get every game this week correct to break even. Should be a piece of cake.

Week 17 presents its own challenges with picking games, as there will be several teams that decide not to play starters, not to show up, and some who just want to avoid injury in their last real contact situation for eight months. I can't take this stuff into consideration with the Predictor picks, but I can mention a few games where I think it'll play a big difference:

  • Buccaneers at Falcons: Predictor says a 12 point win by the Falcons, but I'm betting the starters won't play much, as they have home field locked up. Tampa hasn't shown up in two weeks however, so we'll see.
  • Ravens at Bengals: Even though the Ravens have announced Ray Rice isn't playing this week, don't let that fool you. The Bengals, one would think, want to avoid the Patriots in Round 1 next weekend, but if they beat Baltimore, the Ravens will be locked into the 4 seed, playing the Colts. Marvin Lewis has sat guys previously, so it won't shock me if the Ravens win quite handily today.

Here are all your Week 17 picks:

Home Score Away Score Probability
Falcons 30 Buccaneers 18 78.7%
Bills 18 Jets 20 55.7%
Bengals 20 Ravens 18 55.4%
Lions 19 Bears 22 56.9%
Titans 19 Jaguars 18 51.9%
Colts 21 Texans 22 52.9%
Saints 27 Panthers 26 51.1%
Giants 24 Eagles 22 55.7%
Steelers 20 Browns 19 52.7%
Vikings 21 Packers 25 62.2%
Patriots 27 Dolphins 22 62.2%
Chargers 21 Raiders 20 54.7%
49ers 21 Cardinals 14 67.5%
Seahawks 29 Rams 19 75.3%
Broncos 29 Chiefs 13 87.0%
Redskins 31 Cowboys 29 57.3%

In the SuperContest I also had my best week, going 4-1, raising my season total to 33-43-1. Picks for Week 17:

  • Colts +6.5 vs. Texans
  • Vikings +3.5 vs. Packers
  • Chiefs +16 at Broncos
  • Cardinals +16.5 at 49ers
  • Seahawks -10.5 vs. Rams