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Black Monday: Andy Reid Fired After 14 Years In Philly

The Philadelphia Eagles ended the 2012 season by getting their butts handed to them by the NY Giants, 42-7. Right after the game, Eagles head coach Andy Reid was informed by owner Jeffrey Lurie that he was fired, per a report from Reuben Frank of

Reid spent 14 seasons in Philly as the head coach. He also had control over the team's front office, including final say over the roster.

Other reports, several compiled by Jason Brewer at Bleeding Green Nation, say that Reid knew he was fired the Friday before the game. This might explain why the Eagles seemed to play so uninspired on Sunday. They finish the season 4-12 after starting the year 3-1.

The reports of Reid's pre-game status are consistent with other reports that Reid had already begun to compile staff for his next coaching gig, which may or may not happen in San Diego. Chargers head coach Norv Turner and general manager A.J. Smith are likely to be fired on 'Black Monday' as well.

Flipping this back around to make this a bit more Colts-centered (I mean, we're a Colts blog after all), if Reid lands in San Diego, that likely means Chargers defensive coordinator John Pagano, brother of Colts head coach Chuck Pagano, is out of a job. The Chargers have been viewed by some (including me) as a possible destination for Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, who is sure to receive head coaching offers once the season ends.

It also means that John Pagano could find his way to Indianapolis next year as a defensive coach.