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Black Monday: Bills, Chargers, Browns, Bears, Eagles, Cardinals, And Chiefs All Give Pink Slips To Their Coaches

The NFL's "Black Monday" is certainly living up to its name. Already, we have seen seven franchises fire their head coach. In some cases, general managers and other front office people were let go as well. Here's the round-up:

There is no update as yet yet on the status Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli who, more so than Crennel, is the reason why K.C. has underperformed in recent years. Pioli is also the lightening rod for angry Chiefs fans screaming for change.

In Buffalo, general manager Buddy Nix still has a job, but he might not for long.

In Tennessee, it seems Mike Munchak gets to keep his job, even though his owner was none to happy with the 2012 season. However, his general manager, Mike Reinfedt, was fired.

In New York, general manager Mike Tannenbaum is out, and it seems, for now, that Rex Ryan will keep his job as head coach.

Crazy day in the NFL. I don't know if I've ever seen this many people fired or let go on a 'Black Monday."