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Report: Chargers Are Interested In Bruce Arians As Head Coach

The Chargers apparently have discussed interviewing Bruce Arians for their recent head coaching vacancy.


Norv Turner was fired today after six years as head coach of the San Diego Chargers. Someone from his staff who, as far as we know, was not fired is defensive coordinator John Pagano. John is Chuck's brother. This has led many people, myself included, to speculate that if current Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians left Indianapolis for a head coaching gig, it would likely be San Diego.

Today, we got our first real news that the Chargers have interest in Arians:

Of all the jobs out there (and, right now, there are SEVEN), the San Diego job is the only one I can see Arians leaving Indy for. There would be no hard feelings with his friend, Chuck Pagano, as Bruce would likely ensure Chuck's brother John retains his job. Also, the Chargers have weapons on offense, and Arians' background with quarterbacks likely makes him attractive to team president John Spanos. The team has a major investment in Philip Rivers, who has devolved as a quarterback in recent years.

Chargers general manager A.J. Smith was also shown the door today.