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Stampede Blue Community Mock Draft: You're On The Clock!

Once again it's that time of the year for all of you to participate in everyone's favorite pastime between the Super Bowl and the NFL Draft, a Mock Draft! We've done this the past several years, and I dropped the ball last year in getting only one round in, so we're going to get a full two rounds, plus the Colts pick at #65.

How do you join in the fun? Here's how it'll work:

  • Each person is only allowed 1 team, as we have plenty of people here on the site to fill all the teams. Also, anyone who says "Give me any team" won't get a team. Be decisive, please. Also, in order to draft for the Colts, you have to have been a member at Stampede Blue for 2 years. I want to take care of our longer term members for the Colts pick. There are no restrictions on any other team.
  • In addition to selecting one team, this year I'm also taking a back-up selector for each team in the off chance the original person doesn't get back to me. Again, only one team as a backup please.
  • The draft will be done through email. This is the easiest way to do it, as getting 30 people together at one time is extremely hard.
  • You will have 24 hours after I send you the email saying you are on the clock to make a pick. If no pick comes in, I'll go right to the backup, so don't be late.
  • I will be posting two picks per day during the week, and one pick on each weekend day. IMPORTANT: The draft via email will (hopefully) be about 4 or 5 picks ahead of what is on the site, and I will include those picks in the "On the Clock" email. Please don't wait until you see all the picks before yours on the site, as it'll be way too late for you to make a pick.

The information I'd like for each pick is:

  • Player, Position, School
  • One or two paragraphs on why said player is the right choice for that team. Can include comments about best player available, scheme fit, you hate the team so that's why you picked that awful player, etc. I want a rationale.
  • One to two sentences on how much of an impact you think he will have next season.

Be aware that we do not need anyone for the Raiders, as they've decided they didn't want to pick in the first four rounds this year, and the Falcons and Saints only have second round choices.

I'd highly recommend using Mocking the Draft and National Football Post for information on team needs, player profiles, etc. We'll also have quite a few here at Stampede Blue for you to look at.

After the jump you'll see the CONFIRMED LIST of drafters for each team. Please indicate which team you'd like in the comments, and also send me an email stating which team you would like, and your SB Nation username. You will not be confirmed until I receive an email from you. You also must post in this thread your team choice(s). I want to ensure everyone who participates is a member here at Stampede Blue. We'll be starting Monday morning, so whoever picks the Colts should be ready to go. Also, please look at the table, and the comments first before choosing your team.

Last Updated: 8:14am Friday

Pos Team Player Pos School Drafter Backup
1 Indianapolis hoosierstudent
2 St. Louis BigBaldRuss
3 Minnesota TheSpear
4 Cleveland palco
5 Tampa Bay Azrael1987
6 Washington broadfi2
7 Jacksonville Peter Storgaard
8 Miami fpacheco
9 Carolina cwhite916
10 Buffalo BWhitecap
11 Kansas City Ty46 motrepip
12 Seattle TheBeardedClam
13 Arizona Coltsfan1345
14 Dallas One.Cool.Customer
15 Philadelphia chad72
16 N.Y. Jets moptrepi
17 Cincinnati Guy LeDouche Team2 DaBears
18 San Diego ColtsFanFromHawaii
19 Chicago Team2 DaBears Prahasta
20 Tennessee Addai Another Day emiller17
21 Cincinnati Guy LeDouche Team2 DaBears
22 Cleveland palco
23 Detroit Chopaholic TheSpear
24 Pittsburgh emiller17
25 Denver muncie_in_this cwhite916
26 Houston melvin shot out of a gun bullit
27 New England Jesse Schindler
28 Green Bay BlueVol03
29 Baltimore Prahasta muncie_in_this
30 San Francisco Shastatmasta
31 New England Jesse Schindler
32 N.Y. Giants bobbyblitz

Atlanta - fiftycal2004,

New Orleans - Justin Pugh