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Stampede Blue Draft Coverage: From Scouting Combine To Draft Night

The 2011 season couldn't finish soon enough for us Colts fans. It seemed to go on and on, and we had to suffer having the friggin' Patriots play in the Super Bowl in our building (thankfully taken care of by the Giants). Now, all we have to talk about is Peyton Manning (a big deal), and the draft.

While we'll obviously have tons of coverage of the Peyton Manning news, we here at Stampede Blue will be giving you top-notch draft coverage of the most important Colts draft in the past decade, and we'll have a front-row seat at the two biggest events.

The NFL Scouting Combine starts next Thursday at Lucas Oil Stadium, and just like last year we'll be there to interview prospects, coaches, GMs, and other NFL writers. Both Stew and myself will be in attendance, along with Dan Kadar from Mocking the Draft and Kevin Ewoldt of Hogs Haven. Over the next week, I'll be laying out which players we'll be targeting, position by position, so you get an idea who we feel the Colts will be looking at, and for you to fill us in if we are missing anyone.

Once the Combine finishes up, we plan to overload you with draft profiles, coming two a day during the week and one on both Saturday and Sunday. Right now we have 86 players to profile, ranging from the first pick all the way to a couple players who will most likely be undrafted. We'll have a page ready for you by the time the Combine rolls around. I promise you we'll be covering every corner.

In addition to the profiles we'll have scheduled, we encourage anyone else to write up a profile of a guy that we may have missed. If it is well-written and researched, we'll place it on the front page and add it into our table of profiles. You'll just have to follow the outline we lay out in our profiles, and we'll promote it.

Once the end of April rolls around and the draft is upon us, we'll have on-the-floor coverage, as Brad will again be there in person, most likely sitting next to Sports Illustrated's Don Banks, who we always inevitably sitting next to. He'll be able to get reactions inside Radio City Music Hall as the Colts make the first overall selection.

We'll have a more detailed preview of the Combine next week. Until then, be sure to sign up for the Community Mock Draft, and start familiarizing yourself with guys that are not named Luck or Griffin. There's a whole lot of them.