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Wait, Andrew Luck Might Actually THROW At The 2012 Scouting Combine?

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Last week, Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz broke this news on Twitter:

Today, Andrew Luck's people are saying the de facto No. 1 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft might indeed throw. Luck is training in California with quarterback guru George Whitfield, the guy who got Cam Newton ready for last year's Scouting Combine. Whitfield spoke to ESPN's Joe Schad recently:

"There are things he wants to work on, but this is refinement not an installation or a surgery," Whitfield said. "It's about getting reps and he's really a marvel to watch. Very sound. Very consistent. Physically impressive. A power guy. A strong guy which people underestimate. One thing we've been doing is working the throws out on the perimeter -- those throws outside the hash marks."

Whether Luck will throw at the combine is uncertain, but Whitfield said Luck is prepared to throw in Indianapolis and would perform well if he did throw.

If Luck throws at the Combine, that will be some pretty serious egg on Kravitz's beard.

However, it's also possible that Luck might throw just to destroy the impression that is out there that he is already following the marching owners of Colts ownership. Luck might also just be naturally rebellious. The Colts probably told him not to throw, and their media mouthpiece (Kravitz) tossed that info out into the Twitterverse for morons like me to eat up. Luck saw it, said 'Oh hell no!' out loud, called Whitfield, and then started getting ready to throw at the Combine.

Yeah, something like that, I'm sure.

Regardless of what is going on behind the scenes, I hope Luck throws. All of us want to see how he will deal with the scrutiny that comes with being a No. 1 pick. The Combine is a big part of that. Peyton Manning threw at his Combine in 1998. It only makes sense for Luck to do the same.