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Isn't That Cute: Dolphins Fans Put Up "Manning To Miami" Billboard

Peyton Manning's isn't going to Miami.

I know he has a condo down there. So what. What rich person doesn't? The Dolphins play in the same division as Tom Brady, and they don't have anyone outside of Brandon Marshall for Peyton to throw the football to. Still, these little factoids haven't stopped a group of dedicated Phins fans from paying for this rather cute and enjoyable billboard (via Shutdown Corner).

Earlier this year, Tennessee Titans fans tried to push their team's management to go after Peyton. The movement was centered around the website, and it was deliciously ironic because, for years, all Titans fans have told me is how much the HATE Peyton Manning.

To date, Titans fans, Seattle media, and now Phins fans have all gotten down on their knees and publicly prayed to the football gods to deliver them He Whose Forehead Has Its Own Zip Code.

Oh, and the Redskins have also tried to lure Peyton... allegedly.