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Colts GM: Manning Situation Will Be Resolved By March 8th, Has Not Seen Manning Throw UPDATE Audio Posted

New Colts general manager took to the podium today at the 2012 NFL Scouting Combine, and right off the bat people where asking him about the 500 elephant with the laser rocket arm:

Grigson also denied the report from Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz that the Colts told Andrew Luck not to throw at the Combine.

Other highlights after the jump, including audio.

From Grigson:

  • He side-stepped questions regarding the franchise tag
  • He said there were some challenges financially to the salary cap, but the Colts should be in better position next year
  • Grigson seemed annoyed with all the questions pertaining to Peyton Manning's health
  • Stated emphatically that he has not seen Peyton Manning throw

Stampede Blue's Matt Grecco is at the Combine today. Follow his tweets at @mgrex03

UPDATE: Hear Grigson's full press conference here.