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Pagano: Colts Plan To Keep Freeney and Mathis UPDATE Audio Posted

New Colts head coach Chuck Pagano took to the podium today at the 2012 NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, and while he considers himself the "luckiest man in the world" with his new job, the fact is there are a ton of questions surrendering the Colts roster in 2012. One question focuses on whether or not Robert Mathis or Dwight Freeney will return next year. Mathis is a free agent, and Freeney will be owed a hefty salary.

If Pagano has his way, both stay.

Other highlights after the jump, including audio.

From Pagano:

  • Called Freeney and Mathis "game-wreckers"
  • The Colts will transition to a 3-4 defensive scheme
  • The Colts system of smaller players has worked in the past, but team will get bigger at specific need positions
  • The transition will be hard, but not impossible
  • Colts system will work well with players the Colts will bring to camp
  • Pagano has spoken to Jeff Saturday, who is pondering retirement. Pagano wants him to stay
  • Pagano had high praise for Andrew Luck
  • When asked about Peyton Manning, Pagano said Manning will do everything to play again

Stampede Blue's Matt Grecco is at the Combine today. Follow his tweets at @mgrex03

UPDATE: You can hear the entire Pagano interview here.