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Pierre Garcon Turns Down Five-Year Deal From Colts

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Pierre Garcon wants no part of the Indianapolis Colts "New Era":

Now, because it is reasonable to assume that this five-year deal wasn't for chump change, one can only speculate that the reason Pierre told the Colts to go screw was because he has no interest in playing for Chuck Pagano or catching passes from Andrew Luck.

Perhaps, like Reggie Wayne, Pierre is a "package deal" with Peyton Manning, and will go wherever he goes.

Other than those reasons, I can't think of why Garcon would thumb his nose at a five-year deal, unless he is just THAT stupid to think some other team is going to pony up more money. Maybe another team will, and, in which case, I say, fair thee well! Personally, it sounds like the Colts offered waaaaaaaaaaaaay to much bread to a guy who has always had chronic problems catching the football.

Look for a dramatically different WR corps for the Colts next year, kids.