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Owner Jim Irsay Fires Back, Says Peyton Manning Not Cleared By Colts

In the latest episode of "As The Colts Turn", we get information from Colts Owner Jim Irsay at 1:25 AM last night, just as he was finishing watching Jimmy Fallon from here in Indianapolis:

This is at least Round 3 of the back and forth between Team Manning and Team Irsay, as Manning's camp released the statement yesterday saying he's been cleared to play by his doctors, and quite frankly it's starting to look very petty on both sides. No matter how many nice things are said about the other party in the media, if both sides really didn't want this to play out in the media, it wouldn't be playing out in the media. But both sides are trying to win the PR battle.

This week should be about the magnificent job the city of Indianapolis is doing hosting this Super Bowl, and both sides are pushing it to the background, as any story involving Peyton Manning will get top-billing, even when the biggest game of the year is just two days away.

More to come when the Colts release their statement. If you were on the fence about whether you thought a divorce was coming, I'm not sure how you can conclude it's not coming now. It's really sad how this is going down, and both sides are to blame.