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Robert Mathis, Pierre Garcon, And Other Colts Players Goof Around In Drag For Jimmy Fallon

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is in Indianapolis for the Super Bowl. For their 'Real Housewives of Late Night' skit last night, they managed to convince Colts players Robert Mathis, Antoine Bethea, Pierre Garcon, Dallas Clark, and Dan Orlovsky that they look good wearing women's clothing.


Photo from Phil Wilson's Twitter

Of the five, I gotta say Pierre looks the best.

Dallas Clark was 'Sherry.' Orlovsky was 'Mary-Ann.' Pierre was 'Paris.' Antoine was 'Shay-Shay,' and Robert was 'Noelle.'

Probably my favorite part in the skit was when Fallon, also in drag, gets in a fight with Robert 'Noelle' Mathis and says, 'Call up Tim Tebow and have him pray for you, 'cause you gonna need it!'

While the skit was great, it would have been gold if they'd have gotten Peyton. Yes, he would be a truly ugly woman, but the comedy would have been beautiful to behold.

You can watch the skit after the jump.

Robert should have 'Noelle' stitched on his jersey for the rest of his career after this skit.