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Giants Clinch The Lombardi In Epic Fashion, Eli Grabs MVP

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And this is why we all watch football every Sunday... What an amazing game. I'm sure if Tom Brady would have pulled out another game-winning drive, my tune would be a little different. But regardless, it's undeniable that there is absolutely nothing more sweet than seeing such an epic match-up, no matter the outcome. Oh, and watching Tom Brady fail always does the soul some good.

Congratulations to both teams on their highlight-filled journeys to the Super Bowl.

The New York Giants are the 2012 Super Bowl Champions and the Luke has been protected.

Indy was raved about for its hospitality, grace, and amazing festivities all week long. So be proud that your city hosted an unbelievable Super Bowl and hopefully the big game will be back in Indy very soon.

Here's to 2012 and the future of Indianapolis football. Tomorrow marks the start of OUR path to recapture the Lombardi. Go Colts!