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Peyton Manning Expects To Meet With Jim Irsay This Week

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Last night, Peyton Manning got to watch his brother win a Super Bowl in the house Peyton built. According to Indianapolis Star reporter Mike Chappell, the moment was quite special:

"Couldn’t be happier for him,’’ Peyton said today. "Couldn’t be prouder. It was a special night.’’

I'm sure Eli and the Giants beating Bill Belichick and the Patriots yet again in a Super Bowl added an extra cherry on top of the special night.

With Super Bowl XLVI over, now the attention shifts to Peyton's future with the Indianapolis Colts. Well, actually, attention really hasn't shifted at all. Peyton and the Colts were THE story leading up to the Super Bowl, and it will continue to be THE story until there is a resolution. Until both sides can move on, the lines of communication must stay open:

Irsay called Peyton today to offer congratulations on Eli’s latest accomplishment.
"I told him I would pass that along,’’ Peyton said. "We talked about getting together and I think it will be this week. He just said, ‘I look forward to sitting down with you soon.’ I told him the same thing.

"I think it will be this week. One thing he and I are not going to do is give a set date, where it’s like a game. We’ll handle it the way it should be handled and go from there.’’

The only set date we have going right now is March 8th. Peyton Manning will be cut prior to that date as the Colts have no intention of paying him $28 million for next season, not when there are still concerns about his arm strength.

Yesterday, PFT reported that a source close to Peyton said that No. 18 has no plans to retire, and that he will likely play next year for a team other than the Colts.