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Jim Irsay Has Reportedly Seen Peyton Manning Throw And Is 'Pleased'

Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz said Tuesday on the Tony Kornheiser Show that Peyton Manning currently has a "noodle arm."

"They say he’s not throwing like an NFL quarterback yet. That doesn’t mean he never will. This thing is going to take time. Structurally, he’s sound. Structurally, he can take a hit."

Today, Dave Furst, Sports Director at WRTV-6 (ABC) in Indianapolis, says he has spoken to Jim Irsay, and that Irsay is "pleased" with how well Manning is throwing.

Now, my initial skepticism of Furst's tweet was in regards to the word 'workout.' A 'workout' is very different than 'throwing.' Peyton can run, do jump jacks, and all that sort of stuff now that his neck is stable. The issue is his arm.

Later on Furst, got some clarification on what the 'workout' might have entailed:

Again, I still see no direction connection between Irsay seeing Peyton 'throw' and him being 'pleased' with the throws, and even in that there could be some subjective speculation. Peyton might be throwing ducks out there, and that might 'please' Irsay because it makes the seemingly inevitable decision of cutting Peyton that much more obvious.

I've reached out to Dave and asked for further confirmation.

All of us want to see Peyton back and playing at a high level in 2012. However, seemingly conflicting stories like the Kravitz and Furst reports are going to be common until we see Peyton throw in a real game.