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Former Colts Quarterback Brock Huard Writes Open Letter To Peyton Manning

Brock Huard might have been the best back-up quarterback Indianapolis ever had during the Peyton Manning era. He was smart, had a good arm, and had experience starting in NFL games prior coming to Indy. His career as a Colt lasted just one season: 2003. An ailing back injury forced him into early retirement. He now does color commentary for PAC-10 football.

Brock played college ball was Washington, and was drafted by Seahawks in 1999, 77th overall. He views Seattle as his home. So, naturally, with the prospect of Peyton Manning's career in Indianapolis coming to an end soon, Brock decided to pen an open letter to his friend and former teammate, essentially begging him to sign with the Seahawks.

So here's the deal -- I think Seattle may just be the best fit of all and when you weigh the final grouping, simply consider this:

1. After your Irsay experience, ownership matters. Paul Allen is the best in the business. He won't meddle, he has unlimited resources and wants to win a championship in the worst way.

2. Seattle is the most removed geographical outpost in the league. The perception is that you need the masses and crave attention; the reality is that you want to win and winning will bring the only attention at this stage of your career that you really desire.

3. Pete Carroll is as committed to football as you are, and he is willing to cut anyone not as demanding and dedicated to that task.

Brock provides four more reasons why Seattle is Peyton's best option. The open letter is very well-written, and it provides an extremely compelling case for a Seahawks-Peyton marriage.

There's also some interesting little insights into how Peyton is, and how much power he wielded within the Colts organization during the Polian years.