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Yet Another Report That Peyton Manning Still Can't Throw The Football

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One report says Peyton Manning has a "noodle arm."

Another one says Jim Irsay has seen him throw, and is "pleased."

Now, Mike Lombardi of the NFL Network says that he's talked to people who have caught balls from Peyton recently, and the prognosis of his arm strength is not good.

Lombardi told Bill Simmons of ESPN and Grantland that Manning is having trouble throwing the ball to his left and across his body, and receivers he's been working with know it.

He can't throw the ball. I've talked to people who've caught the ball for him. He can't throw the ball to his left. He can't throw the ball across his body because he doesn't feel it. People that catch the ball for him say that he doesn't really have the velocity on the ball yet.

The "he can't feel it" part is likely in reference to Peyton's triceps muscle in his throwing arm, which is a direct result of the nerve regeneration issue he has been experiencing since before he had the third neck surgery in August 2011.

It's interesting to speculate who has been blabbing this kind of stuff to Lombardi. We know Peyton was working with Anthony Gonzalez and Blair White prior to him heading down to Carolina this week to rehab with Duke head coach David Cutcliffe, his former coordinator at the University of Tennessee.

Maybe that's the reason why Peyton left Indy to workout in Carolina, because people were talking. It's within Peyton's interests to convince people he is OK, even if he isn't. If any team has concerns about his arm strength, he's not going to get the offers he wants when the Colts cut him.