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Rumor: Peyton Manning Has Agreed To Sign With Denver Broncos UPDATE

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I pass along two nuggets of information to you, our friendly readers, because they are what they are: Rumors. However, these rumors happened to pop into the Twitterverse at roughly the same time ESPN analyst and former-Colts president Bill Polian said the Broncos and Titans were in a dead heat to land the services of one Peyton Manning.

Jermaiah Johnson (at the handle @DoctorSpeedBlue) and the completely insane bully that is @incarceratedbob are both tweeting that they have sources saying that Manning has agreed to sign with the Denver Broncos, and they are so sure of their info that their tweets MAKE LIBERAL USE OF THE CAPS LOCK!!!

Again, I post this because I trust that you readers can take these things for what they are. If Polian is correct, then Manning will likely sign with Denver. There is no incentive to play in Tennessee. They aren't Super Bowl ready, and the only point to playing there would be revenge on Manning's part because the Titans are in the same division as the Colts. Since I personally don't think revenge is a factor, Denver makes the most logical sense.

Earlier this evening, the Miami Dolphins traded diva wideout Brandon Marshall to the Chicago Bears for draft picks. This move was made less than 24 hours after Miami coach Joe Philbin reportedly met with Manning in Indianapolis. Trading Marshall also cleared up roughly $9 million in cap for Miami. This had me thinking Miami was truly in the running for Manning. Polian said otherwise on ESPN.

So, yeah. It looks like Denver is the team, if you believe the rumors and the rambling of Mr. Bill Polian. We're working to lock down anything a bit more concrete. For now, this will have to do.

[UPDATE]: In a pathetic effort to add more intrigue into this, Brandon Spano of 93.7 FM in Denver reported today that Peyton Manning canceled his scheduled trip to Tennessee to visit with the Titans.

[UPDATE 2]: The Dolphins are reportedly negotiating with free agent quarterback Matt Flynn, per Omar Kelly at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. This indicates they are out of the Manning Derby.

[UPDATE 3]: Titans owner Bud Adams was reportedly flying to North Carolina to meet with Manning, who is still throwing at Duke University. However, his flight stopped in Nashville. National Football Post's Terry McCormick reporting that Manning and Adams will meet tomorrow, though it is unclear if that meeting is in North Carolina or Tennessee.