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Reggie Wayne Signs A Three-Year Deal To Stick With The Colts

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And just like that, the legendary Reggie Wayne will continue to rep the horseshoe for three more years.

We don't have any salary numbers to crunch yet, but I'm sure Wayne came at a very favorable price. He's certainly got some gas left in the tank and this signing puts some life back into our paper thin receiver core. Furthermore, Wayne will serve as a wonderful mentor to Andrew Luck when he comes to town.

Wayne has always claimed that he was ready to hear any offers and apparently the Colts were listening. Wayne also gushed about playing with Peyton Manning in Miami and was widely expected to join him at his next destination. But, rumors are just that -- rumors. Nothing is official until it is, well, official.

And not surprisingly, a source close to Wayne spoke to PFT today and stated that Wayne "would do what's best for him." Coincidence? I think not. This new deal explains why those comments were aired out.

Welcome home, #87.

UPDATE: Wayne will get $17.5 million over three years, with $7.5 million in guaranteed money.