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We Still Don't Know Where Peyton Manning Will Sign

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Last night, as the start of the 2012 NFL league year was in full swing and over-priced free agents were getting signed left and right, ESPN analyst and former-Colts president Bill Polian said on SportsCenter that the Broncos and Titans were in a dead heat to land the services of one Peyton Manning.

This happened around the same time two dudes on Twitter started screaming IN ALL CAPS that their "sources" were telling them Peyton Manning had already made up his mind and was going to sign with the Broncos.

All three of these reports came not long after news broke that Peyton Manning had canceled his scheduled trip to Tennessee to visit with the Titans. We all later found out that Titans owner Bud Adams was reportedly flying to North Carolina to meet with Manning last night. Manning is still throwing at Duke University. However, Adams' flight stopped in Nashville. National Football Post's Terry McCormick then reported that Manning and Adams will meet today, though it is unclear if that meeting is in North Carolina or Tennessee.

Early this morning, CBS Sports' Mike Freeman reported that the Miami Dolphins are still "very much in play" to sign Manning, and that, despite a report last night from Omar Kelly at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, the Dolphins are not negotiating with free agent quarterback Matt Flynn.

Thus, when all is said and done, we still don't know where the hell Peyton Manning will play next year, and it is very possible that the "sources" informing Bill Polian are no different or more reliable than the two dudes on Twitter who love to click their Caps Lock keys.

Personally, I still think Peyton will sign with the Broncos. They are the better overall team and organization over Tennessee, Miami, and Arizona, which no one seems to be talking about as a possible destination anymore.

It's worth noting that the Miami Dolphins traded diva wideout Brandon Marshall to the Chicago Bears for draft picks last night, and that this move was made less than 24 hours after Miami coach Joe Philbin reportedly met with Manning in Indianapolis.The buzz is that Manning did not think well of Marshall, and with the news breaking this morning that he is, once again, in legal trouble, I can't say I blame Peyton if indeed he didn't want to throw touchdowns to Marshall.

We will probably know more later today after Manning has his meeting with Adams. For me, should Peyton sign with the Titans, I think it would damage his legacy. There is no reason to play in Tennessee, save petty "revenge" against the Colts. They aren't Super Bowl caliber, and their owner is a known meddler who, reportedly, once famously told his then-coach Jeff Fisher is draft Vince Young "or be fired."

I just don't see Peyton wanting to go to a team, and owner, like that.