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Report: Dan Orlovsky Signs With Bucs, No Update On Cory Redding

Cross Dan Orlovsky off your list of potential Andrew Luck backups in Indianapolis. The man who helped the Colts win their only two victories last season has reportedly signed a one year deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Despite not starting until the latter part of the season, after it was painfully obvious to everyone just how much Curtis Painter sucked as a quarterback, Orlovsky proved to be the Colts' most reliable back-up for Peyton Manning. He threw for over 1,200 yards, and was the hero in Week Sixteen when he led a late fourth quarter rally to defeat his former team, the Houston Texans.

For that game alone, Dan Orlovsky holds a special place in my Colts-lovin' heart. I wish him nothing but the best.

Also, last night on SportsCenter, Bill Polian said that if the Colts had signed Kyle Orton in 2011, he'd still be the chief executive in Indianapolis. Forget for a moment that the Colts had a chance to get Orton in November 2011, but passed on him. Had Polian not been such a stupid, stubborn fool and dumped Painter after the 2011 preseason, Orlovsky could have started Week One. He had clearly outplayed Painter that preseason, and had starting experience in Detroit.

He also wasn't 1,000 years old and semi-retired, like Kerry Collins was.

Point is, if Orlovsky had started Week One, the Colts probably win four or five games. Had the Colts won four or five games, Bill and Chris Polian are probably still running this franchise into the ground, and Peyton Manning would still be under contract.

So, yeah. Even as an ESPN analyst, Bill Polian still manages to serve us all BS, and expects us to thank him for it.

Also, regarding free agent Cory Redding, he was scheduled to meet with the Colts last night. No update on whether or not he did.