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Peyton Manning Will Take Part In A 'Workout" For The Broncos

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It seems we may be finally nearing the end of the Peyton Manning Free Agent Derby.


According to ESPN, Manning will take part in a "workout" for the Denver Broncos. Broncos officials are traveling to North Carolina today, where Manning is rehabbing at Duke University. The traveling staff include vice president John Elway, head coach John Fox, offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, QB coach Adam Gase, G.M. Brian Xanders and a medical team. They will conduct and oversee the "workout."

"Workout" and "physical" might be a game of semantics, as SI's Will Carroll was telling me yesterday, but, for me, both words suggest Manning is leaning towards signing with the Broncos. Despite that, ESPN maintains that Manning still does not consider Denver to be the "favorite."

It's likely that the Broncos are putting Manning through this workout to confirm that he is, indeed, getting healthy enough to play. That lingering question still hasn't been answered, as Bomani Jones recently outlined in his latest spot for SB Nation's YouTube channel.

It's interesting that, instead of Peyton going to Denver to take this physical (or workout, whatever), Denver is coming to him. Why is this, you say?

Because he's Peyton F**king Manning. That's why.

Other reports circulating today tell us that the Manning camp has informed the Dolphins that he does not intend to sign with them. This makes the news of the Dolphins hosting free agent quarterback Matt Flynn soon make a bit more sense. If Miami were truly in the Manning Derby, they wouldn't be talking to Flynn.

The other bit of information to pass along regarding potential Manning suitors, the Arizona Cardinals have until 2:00 PM ET today to cut or retain quarterback Kevin Kolb. If Kolb is still on the Cardinals roster after that time, they owe him $7 million, and signing Manning is no longer an option if the Cards are paying Kolb that money.

Manning spent the early part of this week in Tennessee visiting the Titans, where he also reportedly took some sort of physical or workout examination.