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Robert Mathis Opines On Peyton Manning, New Colts Defense

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Robert Mathis on Twitter has been must read material for Colts fans in recent weeks. He's been extremely candid about his feelings regarding the team's old defensive scheme, and has provided great insight on how the new 3-4 scheme will shift certain players around in terms of position, himself included. It's really been great stuff.

Today, Robert decided to opine on the Peyton Manning Derby, and offered these tweets of interest:

Makes you wonder if Robert has some inside info on where Peyton will go.

Regardless of where Peyton lands, from reading Robert's tweets, I get the sense he is happy that the Colts have made this scheme change, defensively. Makes me wonder, if Bill Polian had not been fired, would Mathis have re-signed in Indy?

For those that don't have the patience to click the links to his tweets, Mathis says he and Dwight Freeney will be outside linebackers in Chuck Pagano's new scheme. He also had a rather interesting comment about Jerry Hughes which, quite honestly, I don't know how to take.