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Report: Peyton Manning Will Sign With Denver Broncos UPDATE Jeff Saturday Visiting Broncos

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(Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
(Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Getty Images

ESPN's Chris Mortensen, who is represented by the same talent agency (CAA) that reps Peyton Manning, gives us the big scoop:

Adam Schefter then followed up with this:

Schefter also reported that the Broncos will trade quarterback Tim Tebow.

What this news seem to mean is that Peyton Manning has likely informed the Broncos that he has selected them. Now that he has picked them, Peyton's agent, Tom Condon of CAA, will take over and negotiate the contract. It's certainly possible that a snag could derail the Manning-to-Broncos express, but it is unlikely. The numbers we've seen, reported by Mike Klis of the Denver Post, are five years, $90 million.

So, Peyton goes from one team with a horse logo to another. I'll pat myself on the back and say I called Denver way back in January.

I think I can say we all wish Peyton the very best as he takes his talent to South Park... except when he plays the Colts.

[UPDATE]: Schefter reportedly said on ESPN, via PFT, that former-Colts center Jeff Saturday will visit the Broncos.

Hey, at least he isn't wearing the Titans ugly uniform.