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VIDEO SB Nation YouTube Channel Talking Manning, Broncos, Colts, And Tebow

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In case you were under a rock most of the day, Peyton Manning picked the Denver Broncos. This mean Manning in, Tim Tebow out. It also means a huge shift in the balance of power in the AFC, and the NFL in general.

The folks at SB Nation Studios asked me to drop by and chat about Peyton, Tebow, the Broncos, and other related topics such as the Seahawks signing Matt Flynn, Jim Harbaugh making up with Alex Smith, and where Tebow could be traded (Hint: The team is in the AFC South).

Also included in this post, after the jump, we have videos featuring:

  • Dan Rubinstein and Matt Ufford, breaking down Manning-to-Denver
  • My buddy John Bena at Mile High Report discussing Manning's impact in Denver.

Hope you enjoy.

Oh, and yes. I cut my hair. Yeah, yeah, yeah, the "Dirty Hippy" look is now gone. I'm also now five pounds lighter since getting it cut.

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